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"Before long the crooks will be bankrupt; God-investors will soon own the store." Psalm 37:9 MSG



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about dr. crystal s. lewis

Crystal received her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Stony Brook University in 2016. That same year she answered God's purpose for her life and founded the God Investors Movement to encourage young women to enjoy the single season of their lives as God transforms them into the Diamond He has created them to be. Though the journey has been difficult, she has proven that God can give an indescribable 'Eve' experience (prior to meeting her Adam :-)). Crystal's purpose is to recruit more God investors to experience a life filled with unspeakable joy! 

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Fruitfulness in the midst of the desert

"I will plant trees in the barren desert... I am doing this so that all who see this miracle will understand what it means - that it is the Lord who has done this." Isaiah 41: 19-20. There is fruitfulness in every season of life, especially the single season! Trust Him to birth the greatness inside of you. #godsinvestors