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The Musings of an Independent Woman

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This is a tribute to women like me. Women who play the superhero role every day, yet frustrated emotionally. Know that I understand, I stand with you, and I am you. 

I am a woman who gives birth to her dreams.

One who makes the impossible, possible.

A woman who embraces her strengths and attempts to master her weaknesses. 

Yet, little do people know, when I arrive at home my heart aches to be fully known.

To have that special someone to reveal the complex sides of me.

Someone to admit that I can't do it all on my own.

Someone willing to assure me that I'm not alone. 

Many times I wish that my success didn't intimidate men. 

I wish 'he' could see beyond this 'mighty fortress' and see a woman who just wants to be loved. 

I wish 'he' would know how often I question whether my work was good enough. 

I long for a man who would care enough to ease my worries as he nestles my head on his chest, flutters my forehead with sweet kisses, and assures me that 'I'm okay' and 'we're okay.'

See, the world makes me out to be so complicated so I'll attempt to make it plain.

Tamia sings the song that says "Don't bring me roses, bring me the truth.

Don't buy me diamonds, cuz that just won't do.

Material things I could buy myself if I really want to.

I need something special. I need something new. Just give me you"

I. Want. You.

No lies, just you.

No facade, just you.


So a word to my Brothers:

Please let go of your need to provide financially on your own. 

The days of your Father have long past. A man can no longer take care of a family on his own. What you can do is build with the woman of your choosing. Always remember that Barack was very poor when he married Michelle, but together they built an empire. Like Michelle, a woman always blossoms under a man who showers her with love.


A word to my ladies:

There is a solution to the loneliness, the cravings in one's heart. And it's a man who is madly in love with you. With that I place before you a challenge. Go on a date with God. Like to the movies, a restaurant, or by the ocean.  Write love notes and frustration notes to God (see Note to God Part 1). Trust that God is forming the man that you are praying for. It might just be that God needs to work overtime on that man. Trust the process! I've found everytime I was impatient, God was revealing something in my heart. Do not fall for the lie Eve fell for. Your problems will not cease, if you have a man in your life. There will always be an emptiness that no man can fill. I'm living this right now and yes I get lonely. But everytime I turn to God and make Him my focus, he supplies my needs. And yes he quells those other needs too Sis ;). 

I stand with you,

I love you beyond measure,


The Musings of an Independent Woman