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Coming this Far by Faith!

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July 24, 2016 (3 days before my Thesis Defense)

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-29


I don’t understand why I’m crying so much. I’m so close to the finish line, yet it seems so far. I’ve been told to create more back-up slides and change the flow of my presentation, I need your direction because I cannot do this on my own. God please open my spiritual eyes to see the army that is encircled around me as I get closer to receiving my degree. I realize at my weakest, all I have is you. So, with tears in my eyes, I’m focusing on you and walking in the light of your presence. The Devil is a Liar and has no place in my purpose or my destiny. Break the barriers of fear that constantly creep over the vulnerable areas of my heart. Teach me to walk by faith and NOT by sight.

Your Daughter,

Crystal Lewis


July 27. 2016: (Title: Dr. Lewis)

Scripture: Zechariah 3


Though the enemy tried everything in his power to prevent this day, you stood up not only to rebuke him but to also to reward me. In spite of my sinfulness, you snatched me from the fire of sin, the fire of my frustrations, anxieties and fear. In addition to saving me, you have transformed me and placed this signature blessing upon me. Though I feel unworthy, you have chosen me for your assignment. Now I come accepting the call, to follow your ways and carefully serve you even more now than ever before. I give you all of me, all my feelings, and concerns at your feet. Have thine own way.

Your Daughter

Dr. Crystal S. Lewis (WOW!)