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Guidelines to Experience an Intimate Relationship with God

Please Note: I don’t claim to be the greatest Christian on earth, but I want to share with others what I’ve learned so far. Here are 5 tips I’ve learned on how to keep a fresh, intimate relationship with God.

1.     You must be intentional.

-When you want to lose weight you make it a priority. You take an hour out to focus on exercising. You have to do the same with God. Once you resolve within your heart and mind that you need an intimate relationship with God, you have to work towards it. Start with giving Him an hour of your time, I promise as the relationship deepens you’ll give Him more!

-Know your learning style. When I was in school, I had to read out loud and write things down in order to understand the material. Now I do the same in my time with God. I read the scripture out loud and write down in my journal what the Holy Spirit places on my heart. This leads me to the point #2.

2.     Always invite the Holy Spirit in the midst.

-God knows what you need before you do, so it’s important to acknowledge your Creator and ask him to show you what portion of the “manual” directly relates to where you are right now and who He wants you to be. Every time I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to speak to my situation, as I open the Bible the message is right there waiting for me.

3.     Be honest and transparent in prayer.

-Though I love being of Caribbean descent, I wasn’t taught how to bare my heart before God in prayer. One night I was annoyed with God and as I was praying I heard him say “Don’t praise me if your heart is saying something else.” I realized then that God wants to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Though He knows my thoughts, He wants me to show that I trust Him by sharing those thoughts with Him.

4.     Be Creative with the time you spend with Him (This is my FAVORITE!)

-Create a space where He alone dwells, your own war room or war region. My room is small so I have corner where I place scented candles, my prayers for my loved ones, and scriptures. Create the ambiance, have worship music and the candles as your light as you go before the Father in prayer.

-For me I give God the love and attention that I would give to my boyfriend. So He gets all my love notes, love videos, and my “special/surprise” outings. The point is to do something fun and spontaneous for Him, remember He wants ALL of You (John Legend Style).

Stephanie Wiese's Prayer Room

Stephanie Wiese's Prayer Room

5.     Never become satisfied where you are in your relationship with Him.

-This is one that I’m still learning. When you see how much He is transforming you it becomes very easy to relax. However, just like exercising, you must remain consistent and ask God to continue to give you a thirst for Him!

God chose to love us, let's choose to love Him. Be Blessed God Investors!

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