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Note to God Pt II - December 2, 2015


To: The Love of my Life

As I look at the note I wrote to you in April, I feel so ashamed by how self-centered I acted. Yet grateful as I realize that you have turned my mourning into gladness. The more time I spent in your presence, the more I became whole and complete and still on this process towards where you've called me to be. Interestingly enough I feel more complete now than I ever did in all my past relationships combined. So on this our 4th monthiversary of committed devotion to you, I must thank you for shedding light in my darkest areas. Though I didn't want to see it, some things were extremely painful, you were removing and still removing what was separating me from you. Lord you have broken chains of addictions, soul ties to past relationships, and mended my broken heart so that I may have an opportunity to give it back to a man most deserving of my heart, Jesus Christ. The way you have treated me on our dates to the mall, road trips in my car, and conversations in my prayer room have taught me so much of your views on love and intimacy. What I've learned is a relationship with you isn't meant to be superficial but sacrifice. Sacrificing my habits and desires and replacing them with your thoughts and desires for me. As I learn how to love you, I ask for your guidance and patience with me, you know how stubborn I can be at times. Thank you for never giving up on me despite my past frustrations with you. Thank you for being the healer and game changer in my life. Despite the many detours I've made, I thank you that I'm finally right where you want me to be. Please keep your stubborn daughter on track.