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7 Lessons Learned from my Roommate of 7 years

Special moments with my Roommate Elizabeth Plaza

Special moments with my Roommate Elizabeth Plaza

Last month I attended my roommates wedding, as I sat there and watched, beautiful Lizzy on herwedding day, memories of the many years and the wonderful moments we shared flooded my mind. While presenting my toast to her I could see the tears in my ‘roomie’s’ eyes, I knew then and I know even better now that ours is a bond that is indeed special. A sisterhood as special as the brotherhood between David and Jonathan. With that being said I want to dedicate this blog post to the best roommate in the world, Mrs. Elizabeth Plaza! Here is what I have learned from you.

1.) Room with someone who isn’t your best friend!

- When I decided to room with Elizabeth we were just acquaintances. Once in a while she would do my hair and we would have long discussions on life (i.e. boys), but over all we were in different circles. Over time we would become each other’s best friend. Many times when you room with your best friend you come with preconceived ideas of who that person is and usually have inflexible expectations due to these ideas. With Elizabeth, I was able to start with a clean slate and be completely and authentically myself.

2.) Accept and appreciate each other’s idiosyncrasies

- This is typically the hardest stage of any relationship, yet with my ‘roomie’ it felt like a natural learning process. I had to learn that she didn’t like the top light on in our room while she had to adjust to the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Rap/Hip Hop music. With gentle reminders and the passing of time these differences became the core fabric of our ever growing friendship.

3.) A true friend is there in good times and bad.

4.) The importance of enjoying the moment

- My roommate has always been able to enjoy the moment in its entirety. It is a characteristic that I have often envied as I constantly look ahead many times at the expense of the present. Her bright attitude toward events in her life has shown me that you only have one life to live so go out there and experience it!

5.) Be flexible with each other’s growth process

- By the time we entered college we both silently noticed that our friendship had to take on a new form. In high school we combined our circles and became each others best friend, however, in college it was clear that we both needed a life outside of one another in order for the relationship to thrive. This taught me never to fear change but to view change as the opportunity for something better.

6.)  Within the growth process there is an exchange of each other’s passions

- Now I listen to Lupe Fiasco and she listens to Michael Jackson:).

7.) Growing up doesn’t mean growing apart

- Being at her wedding made this abundantly clear. It’s as if time hadn’t passed, I realize now that friendships with a good foundation cannot be severed by time.