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The Importance of a Spiritual Mentor in a Young Woman's Life

Oftentimes, ladies, we try to navigate our path all on our own. We have the “I got this” mentality. However, here are some advantages of having a “Naomi” or a spiritual mentor in your life.

1.     A spiritual mentor provides a blueprint on how to interact with God.

A spiritual mentor ought to provide an environment where you can speak from your heart without judgement, while gently navigating you on the path God has called for you. For me, my mother (Verleen Lewis) has been my “Naomi,” the one to guide me through the terrains of life. Despite her tough upbringing, she vowed that her children would never wonder whether they were loved or not. As my brother and I reached the teenage years, she would listen to the music we were interested in and discuss why the messages of those songs were either uplifting or negative material that could impact our view of life. No matter how heavy the secrets became we never felt judged by our Mother only gently corrected in love. This helped me to realize that I could be very transparent with God without feeling cut off from His love or His forgiveness.

Similarly, we see within scripture, a special relationship between Naomi and Ruth. As Ruth responds to the prospect of possibly separating from Naomi, she says in Ruth 1: 16, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.” She continues in verse 17 as she states, “May the Lord deal with me, be it ever severely if anything but death separates you and me.” Here it is clear that this bond between Naomi and Ruth birthed a firm and unflinching view of God and His power within Ruth.

2.     A spiritual mentor provides a blueprint on what to look for in a mate.

I have always been surprised at how my mother is able to decipher between a good man and a bad one. To my everlasting shame, many times I didn’t listen to her counsel for fear of being an educated black woman and single. Yet time and time again, it was clear that she knew instantly whether this young man was worthy of me or not. Ladies, God has blessed your mother with the spirit of discernment when it comes to a mate for you. You will save so much time and heartbreak if you would only listen to the woman God has ordained for you as your mentor.

Remember it was Naomi who told Ruth who Boaz was, as she said in Ruth 2:20, “That man is our closest relative; he is one of our kinsman-redeemers.” The Hebrew word goel for kinsman-redeemer means one who delivers or rescues property or person (Leviticus 25: 47-55). Christ is the ultimate kinsman redeemer, and based on Ephesians 5:25, we ought to marry men that exhibit kinsman redeemer qualities.

Mom and I at the Oakwood Alumni Banquet

Mom and I at the Oakwood Alumni Banquet

3.     A spiritual mentor provides advice on how to conduct yourself in the presence of who God has for you.

Many times when interested in someone it is our culture to keep the progressions of the relationship a secret. Let me be clear, I am in no way encouraging you to tell everyone your business. However, many times “plans fail for lack of counsel” (Proverbs 15:22). However, “with many trusted advisors they will succeed (Pr 15:22, emphasis mine).” When you have a trusted spiritual mentor you will be able to escape common pitfalls and gain clarity and direction for what God has for you.

Naomi understanding the culture of the day, gave Ruth key instructions on how to let her God ordained spouse know that she was “available” for marriage. Please note that this is not someone who is pursuing a man, but rather a foreign woman yielding to her mother’s direction and good judgement. Ultimately, it would be Ruth’s noble character not her fine looks that would win Boaz’s heart (Ruth 3:11). Many times we pray for a good man but we are not what we are praying for. Make sure you have the attributes that you want in a spouse :).

It is my prayer that after reading this blog, you realize how much having a spiritual mentor can change your perspective on your relationship with God and every other relationship in your life.

God is Madly in Love with You, become Madly in Love with Him Today!


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