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A Matter of Perspective

As I was discussing the topic of marriage today with my father, he made a comment that resonated with me. He said, “Unfortunately a woman would rather marry a bad man that they love than the good man that they do not love.”  It broke my heart because of the accuracy of the statement. Now I know what you are saying, first, we should marry the ones we love right? And second, where are all the good men anyway?

Well let me tackle the first point. Yes I do believe that we should marry the ones we love, however, many times our perspectives are distorted. In Psalms 37:23, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.” So by definition I can say that a good man is from God. Women many times in our impatience, insecurity, and loneliness we take matters into our own hands and settle for the Ishmael instead of waiting for our Isaac. In order for us to make the distinction and grow to appreciate the good man we must be thoroughly invested in God. You may say, well there’s a lot of women who don’t truly follow God and have their Isaac. Believe me when I say this, if God is not in the marriage she has an Ishmael not an Isaac. For Eve to appreciate Adam she needed her “alone time” with God meaning no you ordained relationships or situationships just God. In my next blog I will discuss the difference between an Ishmael and an Isaac. So in order to love and appreciate the good man we must seek God, seek His purpose for us, and see as God sees. Believe me God knows your type and who will be a blessing and not a curse.

Secondly, where are all the good men? I’ve asked this question many times but what I found was again my perspective was messed up. Once I gave my heart to God and began to seek him every morning and evening. Reading to live not just reading to read, my eyes were opened to Men of God who were also following Christ. They would be the ones to help me on my spiritual journey during very hard times. I realized then too that these men were waiting for God to present before them their Eve. Now I know that we say a man that findeth a wife finds a good thing so the man should then pursue right? Let me submit to you that if the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord he will be led to the path that leads straight to you. Don’t believe me read up on Adam and Eve (Gen. 2), Isaac and Rebecca (Gen. 24), and Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2). But the good man can only be led to you if you let God GPS you to the the highlighted (Isaac) route. Meaning that God has prepared your character to be noticed by the good man (ie. servant and Boaz). However, we women (including myself) run away from facing our habitual sins and insecurities and take our own path. Then we find ourselves in a worthless relationship and God now has to reroute us to the place he needs us to be (character wise) so we can be found by our God ordained spouse.

Learned all this on my journey still trying to put this to practice. If you have any questions or comments you can leave them below

Be blessed God Investors,